Art From Artists, not Software.


Vegas Web Graphics is a division of The DMD Group of Creative Companies, located in-house at the DMD Group’s home office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Due to the global aspect of the web and the marvels of digital communications, our clients are located throughout the country and in Europe. As a result of our modern technology, virtually anything can be transmitted via e-mail or uploaded to the web for client approval online.

by either e-mail, postal service or telephone. We then process the client’s needs and formulate a detailed proposal including firm quotes and realistic timelines. This quote will be furnished via e-mail (with a hardcopy supplied via snailmail or fax if necessary). Upon approval of the proposal and receipt of any materials to be submitted by the client, our art staff will proceed with a series of graphic options which will be sent by e-mail or uploaded to one of our beta websites for the client to proof.

When we have approval of a final, web-ready working version an invoice will be sent via e-mail and, upon completion of the transaction, a document will be sent transferring reproduction rights and ownership of copyright to the client.

We hope this site has been informative and intriguing. Why not contact Vegas Web Graphics and discuss your graphic needs today?

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