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Web Graphics and Illustration

We’ve landed in Vegas with a solid portfolio of accomplishments, a great success record, and nearly ten years of web experience under our belts. Vegas Web Graphics draws upon over 26 years of solid marketing skill. We’ve successfully brought that experience to the web, getting the attention our clients deserve, filling shopping carts and making doorbells and telephones ring. On the digital end, we offer the highest levels of computer-generated/computer-assisted vector and raster-based art.

We Trade Services!

Do you have a product or service located in the Las Vegas area that would benefit from a barter arrangement with the areas premier design and graphics vendor? is open to discussion about a direct trade of services with no cash outlay with companies offering certain types of products.

Website Design

Vegas Web Graphics can build your online presence from scratch or bring new life and functionality to an existing site. Utilizing an arsenal of state-of-the-art editing software or starting from an empty page, we can take your product or service, add solid, common-sense marketing and top-shelf graphics, and deliver a site that sells.

Check Out Our Album

So… Just sitting there wishing you had a new Jazz Fusion album to listen to? We thought so! Then check this out. Dennis Melton, Creative Director of Vegas Web Graphics, has a new CD just released on his own indie label, Eerie Sunday Productions. The CD is titled “Forever is a Lie” and is available at Amazon, Target, and elsewhere.

Las Vegas Web Graphics printing out marketing materials

Print Design

Our design team have designed and produced high-quality print marketing materials for literally every type and size of business. We’ve moved the boxes off the shelves and out the doors with an innovative, imaginative print design. Whether you need a simple flyer or brochure or an attention-demanding ad masterpiece, Vegas Web Graphics is your new source. We also understand QuickBooks and how to manage business finances thanks to BreadWinner.


The Top Designer Trends We’re Watching

The year 2020 was the time of advancement for all business ventures. With buyer conduct making an extreme shift, the realistic planning industry leaves on investigating arising patterns and new styles to engage computerized brand encounters.

The universe of showcasing is changing at a high speed. It has implemented the brands to receive conversational advertising procedures to interface with the clients. Therefore, it causes imaginative plan organizations to build up a socially cognizant plan and underline the necessities of the clients as feel.

In spite of the fact that the business is seeing fluctuating developments, there are a couple of predominant patterns that will remain.

Simple information perception

Information drives digitalization. The brands hoping to secure and hold a colossal client base benefit from client information focuses to make a flourishing business. To make it simple for clients to devour marked substance, innovative planning organizations are bridling the demonstration of simple information representation.

The current need of utilizing various types of information in an outwardly engaging yet succinct way has expanded the interest for visual fashioners who can mix the specialty of narrating with specialized examination. This pattern is anticipated to remain for long as human minds are more wired to the visual portrayal of information than text based substance.

Graphic Design Work

Quieted shading ranges

Getting an ideal shading plan for a brand is the most fundamental yet testing task for an innovative plan office. It assumes a critical part in rejuvenating the thoughts. The progressing wave of quieted shading and duotone in brand planning will enamor the brain of the clients.

The quieted shading tones are known as probably the least demanding approaches to give the plans a new look. Then again, duotone replaces the part of utilizing a highly contrasting mix. Despite the fact that the pattern of dynamic and dim tones won’t vanish totally, there will be an expanded spotlight on quieted shading ranges. Innovative planners will use the craft of utilizing these shading tones to give a characteristic and natural vibe to the brand.

Mathematical shapes

Mathematical shapes are constantly worried about addressing a sharp and present day look to the plan. They are known to be quite possibly the most essential components that make it simple for the brand to draw the eyes of purchasers where it needs them to go.

Since mathematical plans can without much of a stretch go with any shading plan whether — droning, duotone or quieted shading range, it makes the general plan eye-getting and effective. The pattern of utilizing clean lines and shapes is consistently getting prevailing and cutting edge with visual creators broadly seen utilizing streaming and dynamic shapes.

Level symbols and representations

A great deal of imaginative plan organizations are utilizing level symbols and outlines as a standard decision of plan components. Level plans, in basic terms — known as 2D dimensional plan assists the brand with imparting data in a moderate and straightforward way.

Numerous capable visual architects employed by carefully dynamic brands think about level symbols and representations as a useful asset of correspondence. These components are guage to draw in the consideration of the brands that search for straightforward plans to convey complex implications innovatively and in less words.

Obscure and Grain

Quite possibly the most mainstream patterns of 2020 was the imaginative utilization of slopes. In 2021, the inventive planners have begun putting underlines on jumping out text on a foundation. That is the place where obscure and grain come into the image. This pattern has gotten in the market because of the broad utilization of online media by brands. The impact of obscure and grains make remarkable shadows and visual surfaces.

It keeps the plan look new and cause the intended interest group to invest more energy on the brand’s special channels. This will be a cutting edge pattern in realistic planning as it permits the imaginative originator to play with various components and get eyeballs.


The realistic planning industry is seeing uncommon development. The innovation is pushing ahead and brands are more open to exploring different avenues regarding their brands to be lined up with client’s requirements and wants. The pattern of utilizing moderate plan mixed with the above patterns will come out on top and drive client commitment.